I’ve re-written this whole about thing. The one I had on before this made me sound like a boring, pretentious dolt. Yes, I did write it myself. Psychoanalysis might suggest that I wrote those things because on some deeper, subconscious or subcutaneous or some sub thing, level that’s who I think I am. I beg to differ. I consider myself pretty non-doltlike, much the opposite I’d say.

Long story short, I’m new to the blogging business, but I’m enjoying it so far. I should be working on my MA Thesis right now, so that I graduate when I’m supposed to, but, as every true-blue procrastinator knows, sweet are the temptations of things best done later.

If you like what you’re reading here then be kind and follow the blog. If you share stuff then do let me know; drop a line on fiveandeighty@gmail.com, or a comment, or some such thing. Also, everything on here is copyrighted content intended to be read but not replicated. So, please, don’t use my material without prior authorization. You’ll save me from premature frown lines and wrinkles, which is good, since I do not have the means to have either corrected.

Enjoy the blog!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. On “Mulayam Chanta” – a superbly written piece, so relevant to the times. Mulayam is one among many misogynyists with a ‘foot in the mouth’ syndrome – others being the Azam Khan’s, Abu Azmi’s etal. In fact the latter went a step further to quote a strict Islamic custom, requiring girls/women to be pelted to death with stones, irrespective of whether the episode is by rape or consensual. Even traditional and hardcore Islamic states realise that such actions, while acceptable in the past, are not in tune with the times, and have taken positive steps by rethinking the Hudood laws. Said in the context of the Shakti Mills rape case, where the rapists & girl were Hindus and in a democratic India, such a remark is all the more abhorrent. But, coming back to “soft cheeks” Mulayam, what on earth was he thinking while stating “boys will be boys” – was it a hint of some dark secret closer home!! It is common knowledge that spoilt brats of political heavyweights, often have criminal cases against them (rape being a more common one). Ironical that this tragic-comic figure is desperately hoping to become the Prime Ministerand, more seriously, even thinking of passing legislation condoning such “boys will be boys” cases. He should instead have elder women of his/other houses put boys in their place during their adoloscent years, and not condone such behaviour, for them to become ‘misogynyist monsters’ and a threat to society later!!

  2. Respected Maam,

    I am student at Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. We are going to be organising a conclave themed on the “Impact of Politics in International Business” on 18th January, 2016 at Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, University of Delhi.

    We will be pleased, if you could anchor our conclave. We are, also, looking forward to invited industry and political stalwarts who can inspire the youth of premier institutions of the country.

    Although, I wanted to mail you details about the conclave, I couldn’t find your email ID on internet. We are still in an inchoate stage, and look forwards to make the even a success.

    Looking forwards to a positive reply.

    Sushant Sharma
    Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi.

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