With the current in view, a treatise on why, I, a Hindu, chose to marry my husband, a Muslim


Because I wanted to. And so did he.


6 thoughts on “With the current in view, a treatise on why, I, a Hindu, chose to marry my husband, a Muslim

  1. Love is an instinctive, natural phenomenon – when the heart decides, the mind just follows. And, you did the right thing by following your heart. Proud of you. Religious barriers are mans artificial creation and are of no consequence to those wedded in spirit.

  2. Cool. Did you change your name to Ayesha after marriage or is it your birth name? Did any of you convert? How are your parents and in-laws response?

  3. First of all let me tell you how I landed here on your blog page. I am a regular WION watcher and just got curious when I looked at your surname. I was keen to find out if you were a Jat by any chance. It was a sweet surprise to find out that not only you were a Jat but from a family closely known to me. To be honest, I did not you you by name as I met you many many years back when you must be a little kid. To be precise it was when you guys lived briefly in Pragati Vihar where we too were living. After that there was not much of family interaction. Now coming to the topic. Jats are not strictly religious people, particularly the Hindu Jats. We have problem with regimented religious code of any type. Jats of my generation rarely visited any temple except around festival times to collect prasad. Many Jats prefer to be called just Jats and nothing more. I suppose you too belong to that very class of Jats like many of us. I am sure you would have married to your husband, had he been anyone else and not what he is now as a Muslim. I know of a Jat boy who was in love of a Muslim girl in 1947 and followed her to Pakistan even without getting married to her. God knows what happened after that to him. There is a saying; ” Jat ke ghar jo aaye wo hi Jatni”. I am sure same should apply to ” Jatnis” also. Any person who marries and Jat/ Jatni knows this Jat trait. Finally, blessed are those who fall in love as God does not bestow everyone with this greatest gift of His. True love always brings out the best. May God bless you both with a very happy married life.

  4. Short Sweet & Simple, there is no need to say a word additional. Wish in this age of Verbosity without Grey Matter, people could re-uptake the art of Silence.

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