Tapas: No ‘Pal’ of Mine

I promised my mother I’d write something joyful for my next blog post. Tapas Pal has other plans though. He’s elicited my snark, my wrath and my desire to introduce his cojones to the tips of the steel toed boots I intend on purchasing at the earliest (also his doing).

Picture courtesy the Tapas Pal Community Facebook page.

Picture courtesy the Tapas Pal Community Facebook page.

So, what’s new about Pal’s misogyny? How has he chosen to distinguish his brand of derogatory crap from others competing in a hotly contested race packed with chauvinists holding political office? I mean, the man needs serious game, it’s a bloody battlefield out there. With the likes of Mulayam Singh Yadav, Abu AzmiSudin Dhavalikar, Abhijeet Mukherjee, the Sri Ram Sena morons who don’t even deserve to be named, all piping in with winsome statements on women and how they ‘deserve’ to be treated, Pal may just prove to be a minor contender in a never-lacking-contestents competition.

However, what Pal is bringing to the table is a spanking new dimension to the talk surrounding rape in India. Finding the fondue too full already of the big cheeses – ‘asking for it’ women, ‘mistake-making’ boys, ‘against Indian culture’ behavior – Pal popped his own rancid dairy into the mix and named it: revenge. Yes, Pal has staked his claim on revenge rape. Well played, Pal.

The revenge rape statement is crucial for Pal taking top honors in a race guaranteed a photo finish. This is because, through his declaration, Pal marks himself out as a faithful misogynist. Not only does he consider rape an appropriate form of punishment for the women running counter to his political inclinations, but he also looks at rape as the worst threat possible to them. By this I mean that Pal, like every other true-blue misogynist out there, considers a woman’s worth confined to her sexual organs. In contrast he threatens the male members of the opposition with death, allowing me to draw the conclusion that Pal equates the ravaging of a woman’s genitalia to her life’s metaphoric end. The unsoiled condition of her so called ‘virtue’ is what guarantees her a life-like quality, and once that’s been pillaged, little else matters.

An apology has been tendered though, the statement filed in the Indian political establishment’s overflowing ‘error-of-judgement’ cabinet. Pal’s spiel has been relegated to the ‘babbling brought on by the “heat and dust of [an] election campaign” category’, and the follow-up apology accepted by his party and its leading lady. Deeply disappointing stuff from the tournament favorite whose unadulterated spirit came across not in the diluted expression of regret unleashed to protect his career but in the firebrand speech aimed at fostering it. A speech in which he threatened to “loose” his boys on the women of an opposing political mindset, reiterating their commitment to committing rape and, in doing so, proving his genuine worth as a real public servant.

Ladies and gents, I think we have a winner.

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10 thoughts on “Tapas: No ‘Pal’ of Mine

  1. Sad but true, these jokers are the leaders of India. But what can Mamata do, ‘kill him”? I, for one, would like to remove his wig, give him severe dysentry and then have the loo occupied indefinitely by Rakhi Sawant (or probably di herself) and then make into a reality tv programme. Revenge… sucker!

    • He wears a wig – I was not aware! It is a sad reality though, Shamsher. And the stream of hatred-spouting nincompoops seems to spring eternal. I’m still hopeful for change though.

  2. Its pathetic that in this country we have zero respect towards women.
    A woman is considered as a tool for revenge and sadistic pleasures.

    One very popular post on facebook says –
    When you officially convert Rs.3 Lacs to Rs.3000 crores you are called Robert Vadra.
    When you officially convert Rs 3000 crores to Rs.3 Lacs you are called Vijay Mallya.
    The actual difference lies between hanging around the right women and chasing the wrong ones.
    Follow the right women and you will become Robert Vadra…
    Follow wrong women and you will become Vijay Mallya…
    But if you don’t follow women, you will become Narendra Modi…

    So much is the apathy that you find that people consider a politician only to be good because he doesn’t have any “women’ (wife) in his life, so what about his mother? isn’t she a woman?

    • It is an unfortunate scenario, Story Teller. I think the antagonism is perpetuated through what we consider ‘harmless’ humor and banter. The reference you make is an example of just that. Our attitude toward women and other groups who fall outside of the so called ‘normative’ are targeted through tasteless jokes and allusions, so much so that the line between non-threatening humor and worrisome biases is blurred unbelievably.

      • You completely reflect my thoughts. I guess for the lack of a better word,it is unfortunate and pathetic for woman to exist in this country.

  3. Very well put. Sad thing is a country always gets the leadership it deserves because the leaders were once part of the common man. What people like Tapas Pal are saying is sadly the mindset of a lot of men in India.

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