To Papa, On Turning 66


Looking back, I can’t be sure
Of the date, or even the year,
When my pops turned more Superman
And less the guy I just called dad.

Perhaps when dying toasters
Were successfully revived
By the magical healing hands
Of this genus of papa-kind.

Or when cars began trembling
And printers began to shake,
The boys took to skedaddling -
One look was all it’d take

I've seen him toss his putter,
When he's missed a chance to par, 
Been schooled in vehicle theory  
Before learning to drive the car.

Off late, he’s exchanged fatigues,
Berets, and his lace-up boots
For ‘civvy’ duds like them khakis
And his 'double-o-seven’ suits.

He’s still my go-to man though,
For chem and mathematics,
Geography, history, and,
Of course, Sun Tzu’s martial tactics.

Pops is sixty-six today
And a lot is not the same:
There is less pottering around
But, hey, the guy’s still got his game.
© Ayesha Sindhu 2014

One thought on “To Papa, On Turning 66

  1. Hi Beta,

    Thanks ever so much for your lovely words on my B’day. You & Priyanka are our joy – it’s so wonderful to see how eloquent you have become with words and quick witted – conjuring poems on the spot.

    Love. Papa

    On Sun, Feb 2, 2014 at 6:12 AM, fiveandeighty

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